Evo UK #60 – Creating and Rejuvenating a Winning Product

Meet the speakers

Maria Ladusane

Global Head of Product At Just Eat

Baf Kurtulaj

Product Strategist At ProductLabs Consultancy

Ben Shipway

Former Chief Product & Tech Just Eat

Today's host

Matthew Walsh

Tune in to Evo UK episode 60, where host Matthew Walsh explores the intricacies of creating and rejuvenating a winning product. Joining him are esteemed guests Ben Shipway, Former Chief Product & Tech at Just Eat; Maria Ladusane, Global Head of Product at Just Eat; and Baf Kurtulaj, Product Strategist at ProductLabs Consultancy. In this engaging discussion, they share their expertise and insights into the challenges and strategies behind developing successful products, including the vital role of technology, user-centric approaches, and the importance of continuous innovation to stay ahead in today’s dynamic market.

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