Evo UK #59 – Navigating the Future of Tech Leadership

Meet the speakers

Leigh Rathbone

Engineering Manager At cinch

Mike Lehan

Chief Technology Officer At StuRents Group

Daniel Bastidas Ramirez

Tech Lead At N Brown Group

Claire Reckless

Engineering Manager at Moneysupermarket Group

Today's host

Joe Bamber

Join host Joe Bamber in episode 59 of Evo UK as he explores the future of tech leadership. In this insightful episode, Joe is joined by esteemed guests Leigh Rathbone, Engineering Manager at cinch; Mike Lehan, Chief Technology Officer at StuRents Group; Daniel Bastidas Ramirez, Tech Lead at N Brown Group; and Claire Reckless, Engineering Manager at Moneysupermarket Group. Together, they delve into the challenges and opportunities faced by tech leaders, discussing strategies for navigating the evolving landscape of technology and leadership to drive innovation and success in their respective organizations.

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