Evo SG #35 – Building, Maintaining & Retaining Teams

Meet the speakers

Abhishek Kasina

Chief Product Officer at Livspace

🎙️Our latest podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in building and retaining successful teams! 🙌

Our host, Sidhesh Pillai, is joined by the fantastic Abhishek Kasina to discuss “Building, Maintaining & Retaining Teams”.

The discussion covers a range of important topics, including Abhishek’s journey to product leadership, strategies for scaling teams (including headcount allocation and team size), and ways to keep standards high across the organization to get the best out of every employee 📈

Plus, Abhishek shares valuable insights on retaining talent in a competitive job market, including tips for younger talent seeking growth and other opportunities 🌟

#buildingteams #retainingtalent #productmanagement

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