Evo SG #33 – Importance of Data-Driven Decision Making for Sustainability Initiatives

Meet the speakers

Gustavo Fuchs

Regional Director, Solutions and Technology, APAC at Google

Prerit Mishra

Director, Head of Applied Analytics at DHL

🎙️ Have you ever wondered about the role of data in driving sustainability initiatives? 🤔 Look no further than the latest episode of The Exchange by Evolution! 🌍

Our host, Pearlie Leng, is joined by the brilliant Gustavo Fuchs and Prerit Mishra to discuss the “Importance of Data-Driven Decision-Making for Sustainability Initiatives.”

The conversation covers various important topics, including how to get started in the data and sustainability field, how data can be used to drive sustainability initiatives and measure their success, and the challenges and limitations of using data to drive sustainability efforts. 📊

Plus, they explore some of the most exciting developments and potential uses of data in the sustainability field, providing a glimpse into the future of sustainable innovation. 🚀

Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation! 🎧

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