Evo Nordics #521 – Enabling Efficiency For Developers

Meet the speakers

Robert Gavelin

Engineering Manager At PayPal

Kasia Zaniewska

Design Lead/UXR Lead At Klarna

Javier Ubillos

Product & Technology Advisor (Contract)

Today's host

Georgia Benton

Join host Georgia Benton as she explores strategies for enabling efficiency among developers in the Nordics. In this episode, Georgia engages with industry experts Robert Gavelin, Engineering Manager at PayPal, Kasia Zaniewska, Design Lead/UXR Lead at Klarna, and Javier Ubillos, Product & Technology Advisor (Contract). Discover how these professionals are driving innovation and productivity in the evolving landscape of technology development. Gain insights into the latest trends and tools empowering developers to streamline processes and enhance efficiency in their work.

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