Evo Nordics #519 – AI And Creativity

Meet the speakers

Omar Marzouk

VP Music Experience At Soundtrack Your Brand

Devington Daniel

Nordic Al Lead At McDonald's (Food Folk)

Kristoffer Nolgren

Head of Product At Sleip

Today's host

Charlotte Roberts

Join host Charlotte Roberts as she delves into the intersection of AI and creativity in the Nordics. In this episode, we’re joined by industry experts Omar Marzouk, Nordic AI Lead at Food Folk Sverige AB, Devington Daniel, also a Nordic AI Lead at McDonald’s (Food Folk), and Kristoffer Nolgren, Head of Product at Sleip. Explore how AI is shaping innovation and pushing boundaries in Scandinavian industries, uncovering new possibilities and challenges along the way. Tune in for insights on the evolving landscape of technology and creativity.

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