Evo Nordics #505 – Breaking Barriers – Women In Code

Meet the speakers

Josefin Persson

Team Manager At Tietoevry Banking (Länsförsäkringar)

Iryna Bilous

Senior Product Manager At Diet Doctor

Annika Bidner

Product Owner At SVT Play

Today's host

Georgia Benton

Join host Georgia Benton in an insightful discussion on breaking barriers in the tech world, focusing on women in code. Today’s guests bring diverse expertise: Josefin Persson, Team Manager at Tietoevry Banking (Länsförsäkringar); Iryna Bilous, Senior Product Manager at Diet Doctor; and Annika Bidner, Product Owner at SVT Play. Discover how these women navigate and excel in the Nordic tech industry, driving innovation and advocating for gender equality. Tune in for empowering insights and strategies.

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