Evo Nordics #503 – Cybersecurity – Navigating New Threats And Innovations

Meet the speakers

Baris Farnman

VP Information Security At Truecaller

Bernard Helou

Cybersecurity Manager At Schibsted News Media

Neal Hindocha

Chief Security Officer At Surfboard Payments

Today's host

Sophie Gould

Join Sophie Gould as she navigates the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity in the Nordics. In this insightful episode, she’s joined by distinguished guests Baris Farnman, VP Information Security at Truecaller; Bernard Helou, Cybersecurity Manager at Schibsted News Media; and Neal Hindocha, Chief Security Officer at Surfboard Payments. Explore the latest trends, threats, and innovations shaping the cybersecurity industry in the region.

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