Evo Nordics #482 – Placing Users At The Heart Of Design Processes & Why It Matters

Meet the speakers

Daniel Mesa

Design Lead inside Research by Design at Electrolux

Roberto Chaves

Lead UX/UI Designer At Ericsson

Axel Nathorst-Böös

Chef UX & Design At Avanza

Boris Kher

Head of Design At Edaider

Today's host

Shania Olojugba

Join host Shania Olojugba as she explores the significance of placing users at the heart of design processes in the Nordics. Featuring Daniel Mesa, Design Lead at Electrolux; Roberto Chaves, Lead UX/UI Designer at Ericsson; Axel Nathorst-Böös, Chef UX & Design at Avanza; and Boris Kher, Head of Design at Edaider. Discover why prioritizing user-centric design is crucial for success in today’s competitive market landscape.

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