Evo Nordics #426- Data, AI, and People Leadership

Meet the speakers

Daniel Nordberg

CEO & Founder At Playground TV

Niklas Beischer

Director of Engineering At Klarna

Simon Hancorn

Director Automation and Al Transformation At Ericsson

Today's host

Charlotte Roberts

Join host Charlotte Roberts in this episode of Evo Nordics, where industry leaders gather to discuss the intersection of data, artificial intelligence, and people leadership. Featuring insightful conversations with Daniel Nordberg, CEO & Founder of Playground TV; Niklas Beischer, Director of Engineering at Klarna; and Simon Hancorn, Director of Automation and AI Transformation at Ericsson. Gain exclusive insights into the future of technology and leadership strategies in the digital age. Stay ahead in the corporate landscape with expert advice on innovation, business strategy, and the transformative power of data and AI. Tune in for a deep dive into the tech industry’s future, only on Evo Nordics.

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