Evo Nordics #425 – Female Empowerment at Klarna

Meet the speakers

Mona Eilouti

Product Manager, User Account and Fraud Prevention At Klarna

Niyati Nair

Associate Engineering Manager At Klarna

Helen Chang

Design Lead At Klarna

Today's host

Gemma Thomason

In Evo Nordics #425, host Gemma Thomason explores the inspiring world of Female Empowerment at Klarna, a leading innovator in the financial technology industry. Join us as we engage in a thought-provoking conversation with distinguished guests from Klarna. Mona Eilouti, Product Manager for User Account and Fraud Prevention, and Helen Chang, Design Lead, share their insights on female leadership and innovation within the organization. Niyati Nair, Associate Engineering Manager, contributes her perspective on fostering diversity and empowerment. Tune.

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