Evo Nordics #424 – Leading Teams During Change

Meet the speakers

Simon Kihlberg Wallstrom

Engineering Manager At Telavox

Oksana Stroi

Insights Platform Owner At IKEA

Fabian Ochs

Director of Development At Nexus Group

Per Ruthstrom

Department Manager, Web At Folksam

Today's host

Abi Stokes

In this episode of Evo Nordics, host Abi Stokes engages in a captivating discussion on “Leading Teams During Change” with a panel of accomplished guests. Join Simon Kihlberg Wallstrom, Engineering Manager at Telavox; Oksana Stroi, Insights Platform Owner at IKEA; Fabian Ochs, Director of Development at Nexus Group; and Per Ruthstrom, Department Manager, Web at Folksam, as they share invaluable insights into leadership strategies, team dynamics, and navigating organizational transformations. Tune in for expert advice and practical tips on thriving in an ever-evolving business landscape.

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