Evo Nordics #423 – Building a DevOps Culture Strategies for Success

Meet the speakers

Jonas Schultz

Tech Lead Manager DevOps At Sinch

Sabina Edenlund

Technical Leader At Volvo Cars

Chris Harries

Head of Infrastructure & Engineering Manager At Mindler

Haider Abbas

Engineering Manager At Swedbank

Today's host

Abi Stokes

Join host Abi Stokes in this episode as she explores the key strategies for building a successful DevOps culture in the Nordic region. Abi is joined by a panel of industry experts, including Jonas Schultz, Tech Lead Manager DevOps at Sinch; Sabina Edenlund, Technical Leader at Volvo Cars; Chris Harries, Head of Infrastructure & Engineering Manager at Mindler; and Haider Abbas, Engineering Manager at Swedbank. Discover actionable insights and best practices from these leaders in the field to empower your organization’s DevOps journey.

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