Evo Nordics #402 – Voyado – Exploring the People and the Brand

Meet the speakers

Mikael Hilton

Engineering Manager At Voyado

Beate Sundin Trollvik

Engineering Manager At Voyado

Jimmy Sigwid

Engineering Manager At Voyado

Magnus Broeders

Engineering Manager At Voyado

Today's host

Rachel Owen

Tune in to Evo Nordics #402 – Voyado – Exploring the People and the Brand, hosted by Rachel Owen. In this episode, we delve into the world of Voyado, a leading brand within the industry. Joining us are Mikael Hilton, Beate Sundin Trollvik, Jimmy Sigwid, and Magnus Broeders, all Engineering Managers at Voyado. Together, they share their experiences and insights into the people behind the brand and its engineering practices. Discover the story behind Voyado and gain valuable insights into their success and innovative approaches.

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