Evo Nordics #400 – Effective use of Data and Analytics

Meet the speakers

Deniz Minican

Data & Analytics Manager At H&M

Noah Gomaa

Head of Data At nvrmind AB

Matyas Manninger

Head of Data At Devoteam G Cloud

Anuj Gupta

Analytics Manager At Klarna

Today's host

Joshua Asquith

Join host Joshua Asquith in the latest episode of Evo Nordics as he delves into the world of effective use of data and analytics. In this insightful discussion, Joshua engages with industry experts to gain valuable insights. Deniz Minican, Data & Analytics Manager from H&M, Noah Gomaa, Head of Data at nvrmind AB, Matyas Manninger, Head of Data at Devoteam G Cloud, and Anuj Gupta, Analytics Manager at Klarna, share their expertise and experiences, shedding light on the innovative strategies employed by their respective organizations. Tune in to stay ahead in the evolving data landscape.

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