Evo Gaming #140 – The Future Of Game Testing Automation

Meet the speakers

Avelino Benavides

Technical Director - DICE

Jakub Potapczyk

Publishing QA Manager - Paradox Interactive

Stefan Posthuma

Head of Technology - Quality, Verification and Solutions

Today's host

Heather Nicholls

In this episode of Evo Gaming, our host Heather Nicholls dives into the future of game testing automation. Joining her are three distinguished guests who bring their expertise and insights to the table. Avelino Benavides, the Technical Director from DICE, Jakub Potapczyk, the Publishing QA Manager from Paradox Interactive, and Stefan Posthuma, the Head of Technology – Quality, Verification, and Solutions, join forces to discuss the latest advancements and challenges in game testing automation.

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