Evo Gaming #230 – Leading Through Turbulence And Building Resilience

Meet the speakers

Kai Wegner

Technical Director At Edurino

Kazimierz Luska

VP of Client Engineering At Tripledot Studios

Patrick Moran

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder At Look North World

Tom Ketola

Technical Director At Kongregate

Today's host

Sol Bate

Join host Sol Bate in this episode as he delves into the world of evolutionary gaming, leadership, and resilience. Our guests, Kai Wegner from Edurino, Kazimierz Luska from Tripledot Studios, Patrick Moran from Look North World, and Tom Ketola from Kongregate, share their insights and experiences in navigating through turbulence and building resilience in the gaming industry. From technical direction to client engineering and entrepreneurship, discover valuable lessons and strategies for success in this dynamic field.

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