Evo Gaming #228 – Building High-Performing Art Design Teams – Managing Remote Hybrid Teams

Meet the speakers

Andrea Cammarata

Associate Art Director At Tripledot Studios

Victória Oliveira

Co-founder | Creative Director At ArtCode Productions

Paolo Parrucci

Studio Director At Atomhawk Advance

Kristjan Zadziuk

Animation Director At Lucid Games Ltd

Today's host

Jamie Manton

Join host Jamie Manton as he delves into the intricacies of building high-performing art design teams with industry leaders. Andrea Cammarata, Associate Art Director at Tripledot Studios, shares insights on fostering creativity remotely. Victória Oliveira, Co-founder and Creative Director at ArtCode Productions, discusses innovative management techniques. Paolo Parrucci, Studio Director at Atomhawk Advance, provides strategies for studio success. Kristjan Zadziuk, Animation Director at Lucid Games Ltd, explores effective animation direction. Discover key strategies for managing remote hybrid teams in the gaming industry.

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