Evo Gaming #226 – How To Manage An Effective Art Team

Meet the speakers

Afonso Ferreira

Art Manager At DECA Games

Vendela Snitt

Art Manager & Ul Artist At Aurora Punks

Jevgeni Laur

Lead Character Artist At Massive Entertainment (A Ubisoft Studio)

Lars Bundvad-Åmodt

Former-Lead Character Artist At Slipgate Ironworks ApS

Today's host

Adam Miller-Bettridge

Join host Adam Miller-Bettridge in an insightful discussion on managing an effective art team. Dive deep into the world of game development with industry experts. Afonso Ferreira, Art Manager at DECA Games, Vendela Snitt, Art Manager & UI Artist at Aurora Punks, Jevgeni Laur, Lead Character Artist at Massive Entertainment, and Lars Bundvad-Åmodt, Former Lead Character Artist at Slipgate Ironworks ApS, share invaluable insights into optimizing art production processes and fostering creativity in gaming.

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