Evo Gaming #222 – Design Dynamics – Energizing Teams For Success Through Creativity & Collaboration

Meet the speakers

Syed Assad Bokhari

Audio Director At Arrogant Pixel

George Mathew

Lead Artist At Alter Learning

Daniel Murdoch

Audio Director At Playtonic

Today's host

Jamie Manton

Join Jamie Manton as he delves into the world of gaming design dynamics, energizing teams for success through creativity and collaboration. In this episode, Jamie hosts Syed Assad Bokhari, Audio Director at Arrogant Pixel; George Mathew, Lead Artist at Alter Learning; and Daniel Murdoch, Audio Director at Playtonic. Explore the fusion of artistry and technology, uncovering insights to empower gaming teams for unparalleled success. Tune in for a riveting discussion on game development, audio design, and leadership strategies.

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