Evo Gaming #211 – Future Of Recruitment In Games

Meet the speakers

Charlotte Pook

Talent Acquisition Manager At Electric Square & Lively

Sol Argüeso

Lead Recruiter At SEGA HARDlight

Michael Williams

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist At Build a Rocket Boy

Shane Barnfield

Global Head of Talent Acquisition (Create) At Keywords Studios

Today's host

Harry Phokou

Join host Harry Phokou in exploring the future of recruitment within the gaming industry on this episode of Evo Gaming. Featuring insights from Charlotte Pook, Talent Acquisition Manager at Electric Square & Lively, Sol Argüeso, Lead Recruiter at SEGA HARDlight, Michael Williams, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Build a Rocket Boy, and Shane Barnfield, Global Head of Talent Acquisition (Create) at Keywords Studios. Discover the latest trends and strategies shaping the gaming job market, from innovative hiring techniques to navigating the evolving landscape of game development careers

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