Evo Gaming #192 – Championing Teams Strategies for Cultures that Win

Meet the speakers

Andy Stewart

Development Manager At Splash Damage

Callum Godfrey

Head of Third Party Publishing At nDreams

Johnathan Rowlands

General Manager - Beatstar At Space Ape Games

Gareth Wilson

VP of Games At MetaGravity

Today's host

Harry Phokou

Explore winning team strategies in gaming on Evo Gaming #192. Hosted by Harry Phokou, this episode features experts Andy Stewart (Development Manager at Splash Damage), Callum Godfrey (Head of Third Party Publishing at nDreams), Johnathan Rowlands (General Manager at Beatstar – Space Ape Games), and Gareth Wilson (VP of Games at MetaGravity). Dive into the world of gaming cultures, development insights, and strategies for success. Join the conversation and level up your gaming knowledge with valuable tips from industry champions.

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