Evo Gaming #188- The Art of Risk-Taking

Meet the speakers

Giorgio Giussani

Creative Director At Rovio

Riana McKeith

Art Director At TreesPlease

Jens Peter Kurup

Creative Director - Consulting for Lego ao

Today's host

Andy Bargh

Join host Andy Bargh in an insightful episode exploring the intricate world of gaming and creativity. Our guests, Giorgio Giussani from Rovio, Riana McKeith from TreesPlease, and Jens Peter Kurup, consulting for Lego ao, share their expertise as Creative and Art Directors. Delve into the art of risk-taking in game development, innovation, and design. Gain valuable insights from industry leaders shaping the future of gaming. Don’t miss this engaging conversation that offers a glimpse into the gaming industry’s vibrant landscape and the minds behind your favorite games.

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