Evo Gaming #186 – Migrating to Unreal 5

Meet the speakers

Ömrüm Çetin

Director of Technical Development / Co-Founder At MITA Game Studios

Juris Zebnickis

Senior Unreal Developer At Freelance Developer

Matt Edmonds

Founder At Other5 Games Ltd

Today's host

Harry Phokou

In this episode of ‘Evo Gaming,’ host Harry Phokou delves into the fascinating topic of ‘Migrating to Unreal 5’ with an expert panel. Joining the conversation are Ömrüm Çetin, Director of Technical Development and Co-Founder of MITA Game Studios; Juris Zebnickis, a Senior Unreal Developer with freelance experience; and Matt Edmonds, the Founder of Other5 Games Ltd. They provide valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of migrating to Unreal Engine 5, offering valuable advice for game developers looking to make the leap into cutting-edge technology.

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