Evo Gaming #185- What Makes A Great Producer In Each Stage

Meet the speakers

Markus Levander

Producer - Moomin Project At Rovio

Eduarado Amaral

Content Producer At Sharkmob

Eric Lagel

Production Director At Splash Damage

Mikhail Shmakov

Production Director At Funcom

Today's host

Aarronn Campbell

In this episode of ‘Evo Gaming,’ host Aarronn Campbell explores the role of producers in the gaming industry and what it takes to be a great producer in each stage of game development. Joining the conversation are seasoned professionals, including Markus Levander, Producer at Moomin Project – Rovio; Eduarado Amaral, Content Producer at Sharkmob; Eric Lagel, Production Director at Splash Damage; and Mikhail Shmakov, Production Director at Funcom. They provide valuable insights into the world of game production and share their experiences in delivering successful games to the market.

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