Evo Gaming #176 – What Makes A Great Producer

Meet the speakers

Jordan Petersen

Lead Producer At Avalanche

Nika J. Bender

Live Service Producer At DICE

Niko Pyrhönen

Executive Producer At Psyon Games

Today's host

Adam Miller-Bettridge

Join host Adam Miller-Bettridge for an engaging discussion on “What Makes A Great Producer” in the 176th episode of Evo Gaming. In this episode, we have a panel of accomplished guests in the gaming industry: Jordan Petersen, Lead Producer at Avalanche; Nika J. Bender, Live Service Producer at DICE; and Niko Pyrhönen, Executive Producer at Psyon Games. Gain insights into the world of game production, learn what it takes to excel in this field, and explore the dynamics of game development. Don’t miss this fascinating conversation with industry experts.

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