Evo Gaming #166 – Behind the Curtain The World of Game Development

Meet the speakers

Marcus Levick

Head of QA At Rennsport

Ionut Caravan

Associate Producer At Massive Entertainment

Paul Depre

Game Designer At Paradox Interactive

Today's host

Heather Nicholls

Join host Heather Nicholls in the latest episode of Evo Gaming as she takes you “Behind the Curtain: The World of Game Development.” In this insightful discussion, Heather is joined by three prominent guests from the gaming industry. Marcus Levick, Head of QA at Rennsport, Ionut Caravan, Associate Producer at Massive Entertainment, and Paul Depre, Game Designer at Paradox Interactive, share their experiences and expertise, offering a glimpse into the intricate and fascinating world of creating video games. Don’t miss this exciting peek into the minds behind your favorite games!

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