Evo Gaming #162- What Makes A Great Producer

Meet the speakers

Zachary Boasberg

Live Ops Producer At Rovio

Lloyd Craske

Senior Producer At Nitro Games

Arnaud David

Production Consultant

Nicola Borasinski

Senior Producer At PRELOADED

Today's host

Harry Phokou

In this episode of Evo Gaming, host Harry Phokou delves into the topic of what makes a great producer in the gaming industry. Joining him are a panel of experienced professionals, including Zachary Boasberg, Live Ops Producer at Rovio, Lloyd Craske, Senior Producer at Nitro Games, Arnaud David, Production Consultant, and Nicola Borasinski, Senior Producer at PRELOADED. Together, they share insights, strategies, and discuss the crucial role of producers in game development. Tune in to gain valuable knowledge and learn from the expertise of these industry veterans.

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