Evo Gaming #159 – Toptracer Exclusive

Meet the speakers

Anders Larsson

Senior Manager Game Development At Toptracer

August Harrysson

Unity Engineer At Toptracer

Buddha Babulanam

Level Artist At Toptracer

Today's host

Harry Phokou

Join host Harry Phokou in the latest episode of Evo Gaming, titled “Toptracer Exclusive,” as he delves into the world of Toptracer with a lineup of special guests. Anders Larsson, Senior Manager of Game Development, August Harrysson, Unity Engineer, and Buddha Babulanam, Level Artist, all hailing from Toptracer, share their insights and expertise in this exclusive interview. Together, they explore the latest innovations in game development, discuss the role of Unity in their work, and shed light on the creative process behind their captivating visual designs. Don’t miss out on this fascinating conversation with the talented individuals driving the gaming experience at Toptracer.

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