Evo Gaming #148 – Incubating the Developers of Tomorrow

Meet the speakers

Tomas Ahlstrom

General Manager At East Sweden Game

Jonne Taivassalo

Managing Director At Helsinki Games Capital

Daniel Wilen

Managing Director At Arctic Game

Today's host

Adam Miller-Bettridge

Join Adam Miller-Bettridge in an exciting episode of Evo Gaming as he explores the world of incubating the developers of tomorrow. Our esteemed guests, Tomas Ahlstrom, General Manager of East Sweden Game, Jonne Taivassalo, Managing Director of Helsinki Games Capital, and Daniel Wilen, Managing Director of Arctic Game, share their expertise and insights on fostering the growth and success of up-and-coming game developers. Discover the strategies, resources, and support systems that these industry leaders provide to nurture the talents of tomorrow’s game development industry. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation with key players in the world of game development incubation.

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