Evo Gaming #146 – All Things Animation!

Meet the speakers

Christina Sidoti

Lead Animator At Goodbye Kansas

Nicklas Andersson

Head of Animation At Important Looking Pirates VFX

Athos Cammell

Lead Animator At Avalanche Studios Group

Zsolt Avery-Tierney

Animation Director At IO Interactive

Today's host

Andrew Bargh

Join host Andrew Bargh in an engaging discussion on All Things Animation in the gaming industry. Our guests, including Christina Sidoti (Lead Animator at Goodbye Kansas), Nicklas Andersson (Head of Animation at Important Looking Pirates VFX), Athos Cammell (Lead Animator at Avalanche Studios Group), and Zsolt Avery-Tierney (Animation Director at IO Interactive), share their insights, experiences, and expertise. Explore the fascinating world where gaming and animation converge. Tune in to level up your knowledge in this dynamic field.

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