Evo Gaming #145 – Rovio Exclusive

Meet the speakers

Carlos Salvado

Senior Market Analyst At ROVIO

Carolina Leite da Silva

UA Director At ROVIO

Asli Karabulut

Senior Product Marketing Manager At ROVIO

Sanna Egeberg

UX Research Team Lead At ROVIO

Today's host

Melanie Lindsey

Tune in to Evo Gaming episode, hosted by Melanie Lindsey. This episode brings you exclusive insights from Rovio, the renowned gaming company. Melanie is joined by a panel of esteemed guests from Rovio, including Carlos Salvado, Senior Market Analyst; Carolina Leite da Silva, UA Director; Asli Karabulut, Senior Product Marketing Manager; and Sanna Egeberg, UX Research Team Lead. Together, they dive deep into Rovio’s strategies, market analysis, user acquisition, and product marketing approaches, offering a unique perspective into the world of gaming and Rovio’s contributions to the industry.

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