Evo DK #74 – Is Product Management An Art Or A Science?

Meet the speakers

Lucia Lujambio

Product Manager At SpeedPerform

Soren Grubb Kiil-Laursen

Product Owner At Lobyco

Halgir Nagata

Senior Product Manager At Linkfire

Today's host

Connor Leyland

Join Connor Leyland as he hosts Evo DK #74 – Is Product Management An Art Or A Science. In this thought-provoking episode, we explore the world of product management with a panel of experts. Lucia Lujambio, Product Manager at SpeedPerform, shares her insights and experiences in the field. Soren Grubb Kiil-Laursen, Product Owner at Lobyco, provides a unique perspective on the art and science of product management. Additionally, we have Halgir Nagata, Senior Product Manager at Linkfire, contributing valuable knowledge to the discussion. Don’t miss this engaging conversation with these accomplished professionals in the field of product management.

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