Evo DK #162 – How To Build A Product People Will Love With Limited Resources

Meet the speakers

Anda-Maria Mihu

Product Manager At Passendo

Andrius Knispelis

Product Director At Brandwatch

Olivier Gerey-Bak

Head of Product At ProMark

Rune Hauberg Brimer

Head of Product Development At Head of Product Development

Today's host

Sean Thompson

Join Sean Thompson as he hosts Anda-Maria Mihu, Product Manager at Passendo; Andrius Knispelis, Product Director at Brandwatch; Olivier Gerey-Bak, Head of Product at ProMark; and Rune Hauberg Brimer, Head of Product Development. Explore strategies for building successful products with limited resources, delve into product management techniques, and learn about innovative approaches to product development and strategy. Gain valuable insights into optimizing resources and maximizing product impact in the competitive landscape of modern business.

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