Evo DK #106 – Tech Evolution – From Individual Contributor to Leader

Meet the speakers

Kim Givskud Vineke

Head of IT Development At Whiteaway Group

Razvan Achimescu

Director Of Engineering At Wunderman Thompson MAP

Damir Hodzic-Mehic

Head of UX At Nets

Asbjørn Johansen

Head of IoT Development At VELOS

Today's host

Sam Williamson

Explore the “Tech Evolution – From Individual Contributor to Leader” on Evo DK #106 with host Sam Williamson and industry experts Kim Givskud Vineke, Head of IT Development at Whiteaway Group, Razvan Achimescu, Director Of Engineering at Wunderman Thompson MAP, Damir Hodzic-Mehic, Head of UX at Nets, and Asbjørn Johansen, Head of IoT Development at VELOS. Gain insights into the transformative journey from individual contributors to leadership roles in the dynamic tech landscape. This episode offers valuable perspectives for tech professionals aspiring to evolve and lead in their careers.

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