Evo Cyber Security #58 – ROI of Security – Cyber Risk Quantification

Meet the speakers

Paul Richards

CISO At Saepio Information Security

Craig Knox

Director of Platform Security At TomTom

Peter Jones

CISO At Cyber Badger

Today's host

Rob Wall

Explore the ROI of Security in Episode 58 of Evo Cyber Security. Hosted by Rob Wall, this episode features insights from Paul Richards, CISO at Saepio Information Security; Craig Knox, Director of Platform Security at TomTom; and Peter Jones, CISO at Cyber Badger. Learn about cyber risk quantification and gain valuable perspectives from experts in the field. Stay informed on the latest trends and strategies to enhance your organization’s security posture. #CyberSecurity #SecurityROI #RiskQuantification #CISOInsights

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