Evo Cyber Security #53 – Is Cloud Still Right For My Organisation

Meet the speakers

James Eaton-Lee


Paul Baird

Chief Technical Security Office

Ivan Milenkovic


Darren Desmond

Chief Information Security Officer

Today's host

Rob Wall

In the 53rd episode of Evo Cyber Security, host Rob Wall delves into the critical question, “Is Cloud Still Right For My Organisation?” Joined by esteemed guests Paul Baird, Chief Technical Security Officer at Qualys; James Eaton-Lee, CISO at Nethope; Ivan Milenkovic, Former Group CISO at Webhelp; and Darren Desmond, CISO at AA, the discussion navigates through evolving cybersecurity landscapes. Gain insights into securing cloud environments and strategic approaches for organizational resilience. Tune in for expert perspectives, valuable strategies, and actionable insights.

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