Evo Cyber Security #51 – Changes in Software Supply Chain Regulations

Meet the speakers

Charlie Jones

Director of Product | Software Supply Chain Security At ReversingLabs

Mark Goodwin

Application Security Lead At Matillion

Sean Wright

Principle App Sec Engineer At Featurespace

Simon Bennetts

ZAP Project Lead At The Software Security Project

Today's host

Gareth Davies

In this episode of “Evo Cyber Security,” your host, Gareth Davies, explores the dynamic landscape of Software Supply Chain Regulations. Joining Gareth are experts in the field: Charlie Jones, Director of Product for Software Supply Chain Security at ReversingLabs; Mark Goodwin, Application Security Lead at Matillion; Sean Wright, Principle App Sec Engineer at Featurespace; and Simon Bennetts, ZAP Project Lead at The Software Security Project. Dive into discussions about the evolving world of cybersecurity and the critical changes impacting software supply chains.

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