Evo Cyber Security #49 – Artificial Intelligence In Cyber

Meet the speakers

Paul Lewis

CISO At Nominet

Doug Lucktaylor

Head of Security At CSS Assure

Mitch Mellard

Cyber Threat SME At Talion

Toby Lewis

Global Head of Threat Intelligence At Darktrace

Lindsay Thorburn

Risk & Governance Practice Lead At CDS D&S

Today's host

Rob Wall

In this episode of Evo Cyber Security, host Rob Wall dives into the intricate realm where artificial intelligence intersects with cybersecurity. Joined by esteemed experts, including Paul Lewis, CISO at Nominet, Doug Lucktaylor, Head of Security at CSS Assure, Mitch Mellard, Cyber Threat SME at Talion, Toby Lewis, Global Head of Threat Intelligence at Darktrace, and Lindsay Thorburn, Risk & Governance Practice Lead at CDS D&S, the conversation delves deep into innovative strategies and challenges within the cybersecurity landscape. Explore the fusion of cutting-edge AI technologies with robust security practices, ensuring your organization stays ahead in the ever-evolving digital threat landscape. Stay tuned for expert insights, actionable tips, and a holistic understanding of the future of AI in cybersecurity.

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