Evo Cyber Security #48 – Cyber Resilience

Meet the speakers

Martin Simpson

Principal At Three Two Four Consultancy

Shakeel Ahmed

CISO Advisory At Knauf IT

Rob Cooke

Operational Resiliency Specialist

Ian Thornton-Trump

Chief Information Security Officer At Cyjax

Today's host

Rob Wall

In this episode of Evo Cyber Security, host Rob Wall dives deep into the world of Cyber Resilience in the the ever-evolving Digital Landscape. Joining him are experts in the field, including Martin Simpson, Principal at Three Two Four Consultancy; Shakeel Ahmed, CISO Advisory at Knauf IT; Rob Cooke, Operational Resiliency Specialist; and Ian Thornton-Trump, Chief Information Security Officer at Cyjax. Explore strategies to bolster your cyber defenses and stay resilient in an increasingly digital world. Don’t miss this insightful discussion with industry leaders.

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