Evo Cyber Security #46 – Application Security Risks in Open Source Supply Chains

Meet the speakers

Veroniki Stamati-Koromina

Security Engineering Associate Director At Flutter Entertainment

Sean Wright

Principle App Sec Engineer At Featurespace

Keith Batterham

AppSec Lead At Kontex

Chris Jackson

Principle App Sec Engineer At Flo Health

Today's host

Gareth Davies

Join host Gareth Davies in Episode 46 of Evo Cyber Security as he delves into the critical topic of “Application Security Risks in Open Source Supply Chains.” In this episode, experts from the field, Veroniki Stamati-Koromina of Flutter Entertainment, Sean Wright of Featurespace, Keith Batterham from Kontex, and Chris Jackson of Flo Health, provide invaluable insights into the challenges and solutions within application security. Learn from these industry leaders as they discuss the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats and how organizations can protect their software in an open-source world.

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