Evo Cyber Security #38 – Penetration Testing – The Art and Science of Hacking Your Own Applications

Meet the speakers

Ron Kuriscak

Managing Director At NetSPI

Derek Fisher

Head of Product Security At Envestnet, Inc.

Abhishek Ramchandran

Penetration Testing Team Lead At Siemens

Today's host

James Price

In this episode of Evo Cyber Security, host James Price dives into the fascinating world of penetration testing, exploring the art and science of hacking your own applications. Joining him are esteemed guests Ron Kuriscak, Managing Director at NetSPI; Derek Fisher, Head of Product Security at Envestnet, Inc.; and Abhishek Ramchandran, Penetration Testing Team Lead at Siemens. Together, they share their expertise and insights, shedding light on the critical importance of proactive security measures in an increasingly interconnected digital landscape. Don’t miss this enlightening discussion with top industry professionals.

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