Evo Cyber Security #34 – Challenges of Being a CISO

Meet the speakers

Alexander Zhitenev

Group CISO - IFCO Systems

Shakeel Ahmad

CISO - Knauf IT

Linus Plum

Chief Information Security Officer - Software AG

Apurba Bhangale

Head of Security Operations - Dormakaba

Jens Porup

Chief Information Security Officer - Ava Labs

Today's host

Rob Wall

In Evo Cyber Security #34, our host Rob Wall discusses the challenges faced by Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) in today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape with an expert panel of CISOs. Joining the conversation are Alexander Zhitenev, Group CISO at IFCO Systems, Linus Plum, SVP Corporate Assurance & CISO at Software AG, Apurba Bhangale, Head of Security Operations at Dormakaba, Shakeel Ahmad, CISO at Knauf IT, and Jens Porup, CISO at Ava Labs. The panel shares their insights and experiences in managing cybersecurity risks and provides valuable advice for aspiring CISOs.

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