Evo Cyber Security #33 – Women In Cyber

Meet the speakers

Sonia Verhaeghe

Head of Security Engineering - TUI

Wiktoria Dalach

Software and Security Engineering, Writer & Speaker

Penelope Raquel Bise

Senior Security Engineer

Kathryn Fox

Head of Security Awareness - TUI

Today's host

Rob Wall

In this episode of Evo Cyber Security, our host Rob Wall is joined by a panel of women who are making a difference in the world of cybersecurity. Sonia Verhaeghe, Head of Security Engineering at TUI, Wiktoria Dalach, a Software and Security Engineering Writer and Speaker, Penelope Raquel Bise, a Senior Security Engineer, and Kathryn Fox, Head of Security Awareness at TUI, share their insights and experiences as women in a male-dominated industry. They discuss the challenges they face, how to increase diversity in the field, and offer advice to women interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity.

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