Evo AU #153 – Women in Tech – The Power of Female Perspectives

Meet the speakers

Cheryl Yeoh

Senior Manager-Technical Program/Project Manager At PWC

Prachi Kankane

Program Manager At Domain

Georgie Hubbard

Director At CH Solutions

Today's host


In Episode 153 of Evo, Crystal hosts a dynamic discussion on ‘Women in Tech – The Power of Female Perspectives.’ Joining her are Cheryl Yeoh, a Senior Manager-Technical Program/Project Manager at PWC, Prachi Kankane, Program Manager at Domain, and Georgie Hubbard, Director at CH Solutions. Together, they explore the vital role of women in the technology industry, highlighting their experiences, challenges, and contributions. Discover how these inspiring professionals are breaking barriers and shaping the future of tech through their unique insights and expertise.

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