Evo #166 – Developing Capability and Supporting Career Development

Meet the speakers

Jesse Green

Software Engineering Manager At Sportsbet

Sammy Herbert

Head of Developer Experience At SixPivot

Jenny Neville

Organisational Development Project Manager At MECCA Brands

Kshitij (Kris) Nema

Data Initiative Lead & Senior Delivery Manager At ANZ

Today's host

Abbie Green

Join host Abbie Green in a riveting exploration of capability development and career support. In this episode, Abbie engages with industry luminaries, including Jesse Green, Software Engineering Manager at Sportsbet, Sammy Herbert, Head of Developer Experience at SixPivot, Jenny Neville, Organisational Development Project Manager at MECCA Brands, and Kshitij (Kris) Nema, Data Initiative Lead & Senior Delivery Manager at ANZ. Gain insights into the dynamic realms of software engineering, developer experience, organisational development, and data initiatives with these accomplished professionals.

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