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  • March 19, 2021
  • Admins

Creating Autonomous Teams in a Scaling Tech Company


How do you build an autonomous team in a scaling tech company? Our panel of Nordic Technical Leaders discuss on the lastest Evolution Exchange Podcast.

Ian Robbins – Senior Manager at Zettle by Pay Pal
“How would we define autonomy and how can a team know when they have it?”

Paulo Gracio – Senior Engineering Manager at Klarna
“What are the main barriers to team autonomy?

Babbis Kalpakas – Development Manager at LeoVegas
How far can you take software development in a growing tech company without adapting to some kind of scale agile framework, thus losing team autonomy?

Kamil Hakim – CTO Record Union
What would you say is a good balance between a cross-functional team with all the competencies it needs and the size?

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