• Webinar
  • February 17, 2021
  • Gareth Morris

COVID-19: Emotional Well-being Webinar


COVID-19 Emotional Well-being Webinar with Judy James MBACP 

Covid-19 has brought unprecedented changes which have effected so many of us so quickly and as more organisations move to remote working, human connection has never been more important. Remote working can increase feelings of loneliness and isolation which are risk factors for mental ill health however the principals of support and care are the same, we just might have to apply them differently.

Whilst we aren’t in a position to provide professional advice ourselves, we have avenues we can signpost to if necessary such as our EAP platform or the government-funded corporate partnership with Able Futures.

Judy presented reassuring information about the psychological impact of home working and will guide you through constructive steps that you and your team can take to maintain positivity, well-being and motivation in isolation.

Emotional Well-being Webinar Time-Stamps 

00:01 – Introduction from Jennifer Abdelaty, HR Manager @ Evolution

03:11 – Judy’s Introductions and Outlines

04:05 – Our Starting Point, Dispelling Myths and Resilience

05:00 – Making Connections During this Period

06:01 – The Mental Health and Emotional Well-being Scale

06:58 – Maintaining Emotional Well-being and Understanding Mind/Body connection

10:05 – How the Nervous System Defends Us

12:01 – Understanding Human Needs, How We Reach Our Potential and how Isolation has impacted that

19:00 – Restorative Practice – Supporting Yourself During COVID-19 Isolation

30:30 – Supporting Your Team During COVID-19 Isolation

33:00 – Helpful Checklist for Supporting the Emotional Well-being of Others

35:58 – Preparing for the Future

38:00 – Questions

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We’ll be going through all the changes to hiring from qualification to onboarding, with actionable steps to take to ensure you’re ahead of the power curve. 

Jeni Howard, our Head of Compliance, will be running through all the legislation and laws you need to be aware of, both old and new, to ensure you’re staying safe and compliant. 

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