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  • April 5, 2020
  • Gareth Morris

Compliance Question: What Can I Do Now to Prepare for the ‘new normal’?


Compliance Question: What Can I do now to Prepare for the 'New Normal'? 

Boris Johnson has declared the lockdown must stay in place and that he "cannot spell out now how fast, or slow, or when changes will be made".

We've written at length on how business leaders around Europe have reacted and adjusted to the changes COVID-19 has brought, but now, as many countries move past the peak, all eyes are turning towards the future.

Later this week the UK will hear about the 'exit strategy'. So, as the country prepares for life after COVID, you should too. 

Hiring As We Know it will Change

Here is just a small list of hiring processes we expect to see radical changes to: 

  • The Talent Pool – an influx of new talent will change the way we engage with prospective new candidates
  • Qualification – new layers will need to be added to qualification to ensure employees stay safe
  • Screening/Interview – restrictions on contact will make screening and interviewing less personable. 
  • Onboarding – potential new legislation will restrict our options around onboarding.

With these sweeping changes, it's important you start to layout a post-COVID hiring strategy. To do that effectively, you need to know what the new world of working will look like. 

Post-Lockdown Hiring: Explained

I'll be running a webinar on 13/05/20. In it, I'll be touching on many of the legislative and compliance-related changes we've seen and how it affects a hiring strategy. I'll be looking at:

  • Succeeding in a time of rapid business change
  • Don’t store up risk for when you’ve recovered – do due diligence now
  • Managing staff retention, redundancy & growth
  • Protect your business with robust contracts
  • Contract Market Winners and Losers

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