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  • February 17, 2021
  • Gareth Morris

Compliance Question: How Can I Hire While Still Furloughing?


"Can I Still Hire New Staff While Furloughing Others?"

Hi Jeni, we have several projects that have become business critical since C-19 and need to bring in extra talent to keep them running. Can I still do this while furloughing other teams?

Jeni Says:

Hiring staff now may feel like a risk but there’s plenty of evidence that continuing to hire new staff in challenging times can boost your business performance – not only do you continue to grow the teams in your business but you reassure your clients and teams that you are planning for the future. There is no issue with furloughing staff yet continuing to hire new starters – it’s important that it is managed with sensitivity so that staff being furloughed understand why the decisions are being made.

The 2021 Recession and Hiring

Earlier this month, economists nationwide began to spread rumors that the next recession could be a lot sooner than we think, with some even applying a tangible number: within the next 22 months.

As you’re already aware, we’re currently in a candidate-driven hiring market caused by a growing skills gap and an aging workforce. Finding talent is tough, but if there’s a recession, does that mean this trend will finally end? If so, will there still be a high demand for skilled workers? And, will the sourcing and recruiting strategies of today still work tomorrow?

About Jeni, Head of Compliance

Jeni is Evolution’s Head of Compliance. She helps both Clients & Candidates in understanding, preparing for, and dealing with the consequences of new and updated legislation. 

Her deep understanding of all the laws, regulations, contractual requirements and industry practice that affects recruitment, labour supply and employment make her an invaluable point of contact for anyone operating in the ever-changing landscape of the working world. 

For Clients, Contractor Groups and the wider business group she provides audit services to assess risk and legislative requirements, develop innovative solutions and execute a commercially sound, legally robust action plan.

Jeni has experience as a Compliance Manager & Data Protection Officer with additional qualifications as a Lead Auditor, Project Manager, Risk Assessor and Health and Safety Professional in addition to her reading of the law. 

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